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Model International Criminal Court is a programme for high school students from all over the world, aiming to educate and raise awareness for human rights and their protection. Last month a group of Tabeetha’s pupils took part in the MICC School in Krzyzowa Poland.

How does it work? 

There are 4 delegations from 4 different countries. In each delegation there are eight participants placed in multinational teams. Each participant has a role, assigned to him/her before coming to Krzyżowa; a judge, a prosecutor, a defence lawyer and a journalist. Within that setting, they are given the opportunity of being change-makers, seeking solutions to prevent human rights violations.

During the training looking at simulations of historical cases tried before the ICC (International Criminal Court), the participants learn about international law and the background of the conflicts. They discuss how an individual’s perception of human rights is shaped by their surroundings and explore the individual and collective responsibility in enforcing the human rights. They also learn that a fair trial is the basis for sustainable justice and the protection of those rights.

The training sessions and workshops enhanced our critical thinking skills and enabled us to establish an impartial judgement with a legal basis. The greatest skill MICC taught me was the ability to look at circumstances through different angles to gain a better understanding of the issues or conflicts we face.”

Fiona Imperial, Grade 12

MICC has become instrumental in educating young adults about human rights, international law, individual and collective responsibility in establishing a just society. It is a wonderful project aiming to foster intercultural dialogue and understanding. It empowers youth by educating them on matters which affect our society and provides them with tools to gain different perspectives on issues our humanity continuously faces.

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