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A warm welcome to Tabeetha School from Principal Mrs Margaret MacDonald:

Welcome to Tabeetha where we DREAM BIG, AIM HIGH and ACHIEVE SUCCESS!

Tabeetha School is a truly unique school, not only because it is the only Church of Scotland school in the world, but also because this is one of the very few schools in the Holy Land where children and young people of different languages, faiths, cultures and histories are being educated together in English.

In 1863 Jane Walker-Arnott, the eldest daughter of a Glasgow University professor, founded the school to give the girls of Jaffa a measure of dignity and independence. Over the last century, the school has developed to be the incredible school it is today by consistently serving girls and boys of all faiths and nationalities and creating a positive, challenging and supportive learning environment which values individual differences and learning styles. We do so by empowering our pupils to be respectful, responsible and productive citizens in a constantly changing global society.

Tabeetha is an English speaking school whose curriculum is based on the English system of education, culminating in IGCSE, GCSE, and A level qualifications which are well accepted by universities across the world. We pride ourselves in developing an intellectual, spiritual and social awareness in all our pupils, regardless of race, ability, gender or religion. We promote Christian values and encourage faith without any coercion and every effort is made to be apolitical. We believe that it is through learning, respecting and understanding that our pupils can live and work together in a spirit of peace and unity and take that out into the wider community.

Where expectations are high and diversity embraced we, at Tabeetha School, are dedicated to preparing our students for reaching their full potential as independent and confident thinkers who are compassionate problem solvers and leaders of tomorrow in a complex world.

Welcome to the Tabeetha experience!

Margaret MacDonald


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