Tabeetha hosting this group, of mainly Japanese, visit to the Holyland.  Four schools, including Tabeetha, were involved in this special day – Neve Shalom, Tur’ahn and Tel Mond.  Each school put on a performance before the group and the schools took part in a March for Peace, down Louis Pasteur Steet, into the old city and back to Tabeetha.  they carried flags from every nation and it was a powerful symbol of children working together to get the message of peace as the hope for our nation across to all who saw them.  A Peace Pole was erected in our Jane Walker-Arnott Peace Garden and will be another last symbol of all Tabeetha stands for.  Thank you for all who made the day possible especially Miss Rachel who organised the Tabeetha part of the day and the police who helped a great deal with ensuring safety on the roads.