Moving on to secondary school is a milestone in our Grade Six pupil’s lives. It might look easy, just coming downstairs but it is a big change. A new transition programme made sure they visited the secondary school to have a dummy run of what it will be like in August when they return as secondary pupils.

Grade Six graduation was held on Friday, June 21st. They prepared a wonderful assembly presenting their favourite memories from primary school, saying their goodbyes to teachers who have helped, encouraged and promoted them over the last 7 years. After the assembly our primary graduates enjoyed a lovely breakfast with their families, teachers and friends.

Every end is a new beginning and we are proud to say that they are now ready to take the next step in their educational journey.

Grade Six,

Enjoy the next stage in your life.

Keep asking questions and searching for answers.

Be appreciative, be gracious and kind.

Keep aiming high! We know you can do it!