Class of 2018, Go and make your mark on the world!

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Tabeetha school is a unique place where students have the possibility to study in an international, multicultural oasis, free from prejudice, discrimination and racism. At Tabeetha, we encourage our pupils to always pursue their dreams and ambitions. We teach them to embrace diversity, practice mutual respect and cooperation and lead by example. This school is constantly forming the students by showing the the beauty and richness of diversity, to become part of a bright society who will fight against the inequalities and make this world a better place.

This year twenty-two incredibly talented young people are leaving the safe, comfortable, nurturing walls of Tabeetha to join the adult world outside of this haven, and like always, graduation is bitter –sweet. It is a time when we celebrate our Grade 12 pupils and their achievements. It is also a time when we say good bye to that special group of young adults, we knew for the past 13 years while preparing them for the next step in their lives.

Following Principal MacDonald’s welcoming speech, which marked the opening of the graduation ceremony, our graduates made their way to the stage; one-by-one, walking down the red carpet, glamorous and confident, applauded by guests and families. Rev Kate MacDonald and Rev Samuel Fanous gave their blessings to our new graduates.  Among our honourable guests were two former principals of Tabeetha -Mr. Mottershead and Mr. Short.

In true Tabeetha fashion, the graduation speeches were delivered in English, Hebrew and Arabic, giving thanks to fellow classmates, teachers, friends and families. Special thanks were given to Mrs. Bella Mezamer who left Tabeetha this year.

We came to Tabeetha as children but we leave  as adults.Each  of us will travel their own path.-says Shontal, one of our school Presidents.  “Tabeetha was more than a second home for us. It was a place where we shared memories, discovered and appreciated different cultures and made new friends. We are proud to be part of a place where we felt unique and equal at the same time.”

After Grade Twelve’s traditional dance it was time for handing out the certificates.

Class of 2018, what a wonderful and emotional journey it has been! It is time for you to step out into the world Take our values with you. Develop inquisitive minds, be unique, be gracious, and above all be kind. Be the best men and women you can be.

Class of 2018, go and make your mark on the world!

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