The Christian school described as an ‘oasis’ – Tabeetha on the BBC

/, Media Coverage/The Christian school described as an ‘oasis’ – Tabeetha on the BBC

Here’s a wonderful BBC story on Tabeetha, telling our history and interviewing teachers, pupils and Church of Scotland staff.

Amongst the conflict that defines the Middle East lies something of a surprise.

It is described as “an oasis” in the midst of religious division. Tabeetha is the last remaining Church of Scotland school and, intriguingly, it’s in Israel.

The gates of Tabeetha are easy to miss. They take you off a busy street where wires stick out of walls.

At first, the playground sounds like any playground: the same games, just as noisy but the children are speaking Hebrew, Arabic, English and other languages.

From the hall, which doubles as a bomb shelter and chamber which can be sealed in the event of chemical and biological warfare, I hear a Scottish Accent. The vice principal is from Aberdeen.

Read the full story on the BBC Scotland website 

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