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Tabeetha School is proud to present an evening of two one-act plays by Lucille Fletcher, Sorry, Wrong Number and The Hitch-Hiker.

All roles are performed by Tabeetha School secondary students, both native and non-native English speakers.

The plays are classics of dramatic suspense.

The Hitchhiker is a spine-chilling story which was originally written for Orson Welles and became an episode of The Twilight Zone. A young man embarks on a life-changing road-trip. His encounter with a mysterious hitch-hiker will change his life forever.

Sorry, Wrong Number is a noir thriller.  Alone in her Manhattan apartment where the telephone is her only companion, a woman accidentally overhears a murder plot. Will she be able to stop the murder?

March, 4-5 The Jaffa Theatre,10 Mifraz Shlomo St

Student Matinee: 10:30am, 30 NIS (tickets must be reserved in advance)

Public Performances: 7:00pm, 40 NIS