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The School Day

Tabeetha is an English speaking school promoting Christian values and as such school days are Monday to Thursday from 07:55 to 14:25 for the primary; from 8.00 to 14.30 for the secondary school, and on Fridays 07:55 to 12:25 for the primary and 8.00 to 12.30 for the secondary school.

There are 180 days of schooling each session in accordance with Ministry of Education requirements during which a high attendance rate and punctuality are expected. Taking children on holiday during term time severely hinders a child’s education and is strongly discouraged.

In order to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation, we foster attitudes of honesty, integrity, tolerance and social responsibility by creating a reward system where good work and helpful behaviour are being credited.


All students must show consideration and respect towards others and school property. As proud Tabeethans our students ware the school uniform at all times (Navy blue or black trousers / skirts or shorts (no shorter than four inches above the knee) and a blue T shirt/sweatshirt with the school logo).

Coffee Mornings

Principal’s coffee mornings/afternoon teas are held by the Principal every few weeks enabling parents to present and discuss ideas and aspects of school they wish to know more about.

Pupil Learning Update Meetings

All parents and students are encouraged to participate in PLUMs with their teachers. These meetings aim to support and monitor the student’s individual development thus enhancing the positive transition at all stages of their learning.